Home Coming

Home Coming

Are you burying your head in the sand and not dealing with emotional confusion, self-limiting beliefs, and pent-up physical energy?

Looking for a psychologist or counselling in Coquitlam for help in resolving issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma or relationship concerns?

Shift out of stuck into flow.   Feel better real soon.

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When we’re feeling lost, unhappy, or mired down in relationship problems, we’re often at cross-purposes in life.  It’s kinda like “The Little Engine That Could” – try as we might to move forward, we keep feeling a frustrating tug yanking us back to the stuff that’s just not working for us.

If this snippet of pondering resonates with you, please know that you are so not alone!

To this end, I provide counselling to adults who are struggling with signs of depression and anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, life transitions plus more.

In my practice in Coquitlam, I offer a brain-wise, mindful approach for empowering you to move through overwhelm into states of calm and feeling better about yourself.  As you do so, relationships become more heart-centered and satisfying.  A more inspired you lives life.

And lest you think that therapy is always serious, I’d like you to know about the healing power of shared laughter.  Even dark times have moments of awe and joy!

We often forget there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I’d be honoured to help you find yours!


Contact me if you would like to chat about your concerns and the possibility of us working together.

Therapy for saying yes to life