Spiritual Intelligence

Are you living as your Higher Self?

Having a life that is on-purpose and values-driven
Sustaining faith during challenging times
Making compassionate and wise decisions

Or are some areas of your life still hurtin’ big time?

Develop your spiritual intelligence and take the guesswork out of your next steps…

I’ve noticed that when my therapy clients start shifting out of anxiety symptoms and low mood (associated with the “ego” which is that part of us that is fearful, angry, and separated from others) into a beginner’s mind-body state of comfort and calmness, they often ponder some version of a bigger question “Is this all there is?”.

To this gentle musing, I suggest…”Let’s go deeper!”.

As we do, focusing like this emerges:

“How do I move past whatever is blocking me to reach my full potential?”
“Who am I?  I want to know me and fall in love with myself.”
“How can we ever know we’re on the right path or making the right choice?”

To me, questions like these require a “higher” or spirit search for answers…yet, where to begin…

Here’s how I can help!

Exploring Your Path To Spiritual Enlightenment

A new area of expertise in my therapy toolbox includes certification in the delivery of a powerful process called the SQ21: The twenty-one skills of spiritual intelligence.

This personal growth assessment tool measures spiritual intelligence or SQ, which is defined by its developer Cindy Wigglesworth as the “ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation”.

The SQ21 offers a “faith-neutral” instrument for self-reflection that can help you answer some of the bigger life questions not easily contemplated within a more traditional psychological approach.  It maintains that spiritual intelligence exists as a potential in each of us – but, like any intelligence, it can be developed.

And, just in case you’re hitting some some speed bumps about this spiritual measure being “woo-woo”, rest assured it’s not.

The SQ21 has been carefully created and statistically evaluated and is a solid tool for beginning a spiritual conversation often through having you name some people you admire as heroes and/or spiritual leaders.

According to the SQ21, there are 21 measurable “skills” or “competencies” of  spiritual intelligence.  These include aspects like “awareness of one’s own worldview”, “complexity of inner thought”, “awareness of interconnectedness of life”, and “keeping our Higher Self in charge”.

Unlike many spiritual teachings, which can seem vague or mysterious, these tangible skills can be learned through practice and developed through clearly-defined levels.

Spiritual Coaching with Dr. Carole Gaato

At the end of the day, the SQ21 is a spiritual intelligence test that helps you assess where you are and where you choose to go in your own spiritual journey or development.  It helps you tap into your Higher Self – that noble part of you that is eternal, fearless, compassionate, and wise – and let it drive your life mission.

If you are looking to expand your therapy results through increasing your understanding of yourself via developing your spiritual intelligence, do be in touch with me.

After all, there’s another growth step beyond mind-body basics…that’s spiritual self-regulation!

Benefits of SQ skills include:

Being more clear about your life’s purpose or true calling
Suffering less as you refocus on what really matters
Becoming a happier, more peaceful person, partner, parent, employee or boss

I like to think about the about the SQ21 as grounded “training wheels” for shifting into a life well-lived – mind, body and spirit!

Contact me for a complimentary discovery consultation about the SQ21 and how it might enrich your therapy and deepen your personal growth.

Therapy for saying yes to life

Dr. Carole Gaato

Dr. Carole Gaato, Ph.D. is a registered psychologist with a private practice in Coquitlam, BC, Canada. After completing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University (1996), she has also become a Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, a Self Regulation Therapy® Practitioner, and is certified to interpret and coach to the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment (SQ21).

Dr. Carole believes that the longest journey we take is the one coming home to ourselves and hopes to join you in remembering who you truly are.